Gotcha Day: 9/18/22 Friends of the sanctuary were traveling here in the East Mountains when they came across a bystander that witnessed this precious girl being launched from a moving vehicle. Trust me, there is no way this girl jumped!  She was thrown from the vehicle ~ point proven as they never came back for […]
    Gotcha Day: 9/24/16 Rocky is one of the sweetest souls to ever walk this earth. Rocky’s story, it’s a heart breaking story, but he has the best life now in sanctuary. Rocky is our 3 legged wonder! Volunteer. Donate. Share. Speak for those whose voices are ignored.  Please help anyway you can. The AMAZING Rocky […]
    Gotcha Day: 4/16/20 Nellie~Mae is from the same orphanage as late Paris, Lara~Lu & Sully.  Although unlike the before mentioned very senior doggies when rescued, Nellie Mae was only a few years old when rescued. Nellie~Mae now never again has to be used as a puppy machine. She is a sweetheart & some of the volunteers […]
    Gotcha Day: 1/25/23 Alice~Ann was an “owner” surrender to the Westside Albuquerque shelter.  During her intake evaluation they estimated her age as 15 years old.  She was most certainly neglected with her toenails curling into her pads, low body weight and upon checking her teeth several simply just fell out 💔 Please adopt don’t shop […]
    Gotcha Day: 9/30/18 4 month year old Inbred Great Pyrenees pups, Nakho and sister Mala were brought into sanctuary from a backyard breeder. Nahko Bear is the best sanctuary guardian we could all hope for! She patrols the sanctuary grounds ensuring everyone is safe & no predators are entering. Nakho is nocturnal by nature so […]
    Gotcha Day: 10/20/22 Mahalo was 4 months old when he was rescued from Glorieta. He had never been seen by a vet, so he got all his vaccinations and later neutered and Gastropexy procedure. This not so little guy was in desperate need of socialization.  He was so scared and skittish of people.  He wouldn’t […]
  • TAOS
    Gotcha Day: 11/12/15 Taos one of the sanctuary rescue dogs 🐕 Taos is the most  sensitive and heart forward pup in the pack. He loves all the attention & some good rubs! We love you baby girl and we are blessed everyday by your amazing wisdom, gentle soul and gigantic heart. Taos & Sully