Gotcha Date: 10/20/2022

Florence is one of our rescued chickens 🐔. She came from the same place as Mahalo on the same day. We noticed she had a prolapsed oviduct & needed special care so we immediately offered to take her into sanctuary where she would get the extra love & attention to properly heal.

A prolapsed oviduct or vent is noticeable as it looks like their insides are falling out of their vent and you may also find blood and feces on their feathers around the vent. This was the case with Florence when we rescued her. This is why she got a lot of baths as you can see in some of the pictures below.

Please donate if you can so we can continue to provide for our sanctuary residents and continue our rescue work.

Or if you are able,  sponsor Florence with a $10 monthly donation that helps with her food, fresh fruits & veggies, water, bedding, medical bills and meeting all her other needs.  Thank you! 

Florence enjoying the snow!
Florence & Mahalo saying hello!
Florence celebrating the holidays!
Florence in the Quarantine Coop waiting for Amy, Evelin & Joy to join her soon!
Freedom Ride home to the sanctuary!
Florence right after a bath!
Florence shaking after a bath!
Florence’s 1st steps into the sanctuary!