Gotcha Day: 4/24/16 Prince along with his brother Bowie & Jackson (PB&J Boyz) were all rescued from the dairy industry ~ they are all male dairy goats and since boys do not lactate, they were considered to have zero economic value and were destined to be killed shortly after being born.  We bottle fed the […]
    Gotcha Day: 4/24/16 Jackson & his 2 brothers Prince & Bowie (PB& Boyz) were rescued from a goat dairy selling goat cheese at our local coop on Earth Day 2016.  The owner of this dairy deemed them to have zero economic value as they are male dairy goats and will never lactate.  They were destined […]
    Gotcha Day: 4/24/16 Bowie along with his 2 brothers Prince & Jackson (The PB&J Boyz) were rescued while tabling at the La Montanita Earth Day Festival. These three precious lives were brought to the festival to be used as “props” for a dairy farmer selling goat cheese, milk and soap. You see, male dairy goats […]
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    Gotcha Day:  3/1/15 We were preparing to tie dye socks to raise money for the sanctuary, I hate tie dying, but it is for the animals ❤️ Dreading the day ~ it was brought up “would you rather go rescue some goats”?  Are you kidding me?  Let’s go! And off we went to a local […]
    Gotcha Day: 3/1/15 This is what love looks like ~ we rescued Basil & his brother Kale from a dairy farm where their lives were deemed to have no value simply because they are male dairy goats. Little boys do not lactate and in that they are dairy goats, their lives normally end soon after […]