Gotcha Date: 07/08/2020

Santuario De Karuna  and several of our Compassion Crew Members helped to rescue Indigo from a horrible situation.

Indigo went from a life of no human contact, no water, no shelter nor proper nutrition to living his best life here at Santuario. 

He now has love, daily human interaction, fresh fruits, snacks and a great diet. He has a beautiful living space and as you can see in the photos how gorgeous his train is. 

Here at Santuario he will always be loved and allowed to just be a peacock.  By the way, he is very opinionated and talkative, too!  He hangs out in the aviary with his turkey & rooster friends. 

There are a couple pictures during his rescue and transfer to his new home.  Thank you everyone for your help to save Indigo.  He’s living his best life because we all came together to be of service to him. We love you, Indigo.

If you would like to help us continue our much needed work here at Santuario de Karuna, please consider a donation to us. 

Or if you are able,  sponsor Indigo with a $10 or $20 monthly donation that helps with his food, daily fruits & veggies, medical bills and meeting all his other needs.  Thank you! 

Indigo with one of his housemates Samuel
Yes I am beautiful 😍
Indigo being carried to his new space in Patty’s Place.
Look at that train!
Indigo in all his glory!
Indigo with Samuel
Indigo with Rumi
Indigo & his turkey friends
Indigo loves his fresh fruits & veggies
Indigo with Nigel
Indigo with Samuel