Gotcha Day: 3/13/20 Whenever there is a compromised little chick we will try to help out when we can. Maddie along with Anabel, Tophu, Michele & Katie needed a little extra help so we stepped up and offered them sanctuary.Madison turned out to be a rooster! Maddie & his four little sisters were bought by […]
    Gotcha Day: 1/12/20 Constantine and his sisters, Fortune & Avani are the Japanese Silkie chicks. They were just days old when they were left in a plastic bag hanging on our sanctuary gate. Constantine is a rooster but resides in the hen coop with his sisters & other hens.  Remember a chicken is a child, […]
    Gotcha Day: 1/18/20 Sir Elton is one of our rescued roosters 🐓 ❤️ The animals and Compassion Crew here at Santuario de Karuna would like to say thank you.  Without you, there is no us.  Without you, we wouldn’t have been able to save the lives that are here now and we couldn’t be able […]
    Gotcha Day: 6/28/20 Baba~Roo arrived in sanctuary after being attacked by a turkey ~ who sadly removed his left wing.  Fast forward and he is. thriving and loved, protected and safe. We love you Baba! Please celebrate his amazing life in sanctuary by making a donation to help us continue our work. Or if you […]
  • RUMI
    Gotcha Day: 6/9/20 Rumi is one of our gorgeous roosters!  Look at his coloring! He was 3 months young when he came into sanctuary with us.  He went into the Healing Space first, so he could adjust to his new surroundings and roommates here in the aviary.   Rumi is now out with the turkeys and […]