Gotcha Date: 06/09/2020

Rumi is one of our gorgeous roosters!  Look at his coloring! He was 3 months young when he came into sanctuary with us.  He went into the Healing Space first, so he could adjust to his new surroundings and roommates here in the aviary.  

Rumi is now out with the turkeys and Indigo (peacock) in Patty’s Place enjoying sanctuary life!  He is a feisty one, always liking to cause trouble!

Rumi is here today because of your donations and your love for all of us here at the sanctuary.  We can’t thank every single one of our donors enough.  Whether you donate at events,  monthly, quarterly, or annually, love and appreciate you.

If you are interested in sponsoring Rumi, as a reoccurring donor, we would greatly appreciate that! 

Look at Rumi’s colors!
Rumi the Roo sending you a big cock-a-doodle-doo to you!
Rumi celebrating the holidays!
Rumi with all the turkeys & Indigo the Peacock all having an afternoon snack.
Rumi in the Healing Space inside Patty’s Place where he resided when he 1st arrived into sanctuary.  Turkeys stopping by to say hello!
Rumi inside the healing space getting use to his surroundings when he 1st arrived.
Rumi with Indigo
Rumi enjoying some lettuce!
Tamara hanging with Rumi
Rumi getting a pedicure
Rumi up to no good again!  Sometimes Rumi needs to be told to say in his own lane! He likes to be the instigator with his big turkey brothers and refuses to retreat and leave them alone ~ there are no injuries ~ there is a pecking order and Rumi is trying to move up a notch and the turkeys won’t have it ~
Don’t worry Rumi does have many safe places to go!