Gotcha Day: 3/1/20 On February 29th, we received a call about 9 Rio Grande turkeys that had been saved from the November massacre intended for food, that were surrendered to a sheep sanctuary in La Cienega, NM ~ we were able to offer two sanctuary, Clark & Lewis. We lovingly prepared a place for the […]
    Gotcha Day: 11/24/22 On Thanksgiving day 2022, we brought this beautiful Jake into sanctuary ~ his name is Prajna.  He was born on July 29th ~ so he was four months  old at the time and still very small to be with the big Toms. He is imprinting with the hens until he is bigger. […]
    Gotcha Day: 9/14/22 Johnny was having a rough time at his previous home with a couple of Guinea that had it out for him. We got a request if we could take him in. Therefore he entered sanctuary here where he quarantined for a spell to ensure he was healthy and then was united with […]
    Gotcha Day: 11/1/16 Samuel is our oldest turkey guy rescued with his Brother, Duncan, on World Vegan Day in 2016.  Sadly, Duncan passed away in 2019. Samuel and Duncan were born in the Spring of 2016 ~ their lives were going to be brutally ended in a celebration of thanks and gratitude. Thankfully this barbaric […]