Gotcha Date: 05/10/2018

Meet Ahimsa ~ rescued from a dairy farm hours before being sent to auction ~ she has traveled from commodity to compassion.  She will live her amazing life at Santuario de Karuna with her sister cow Karuna.  

For two years we had been trying to find a young companion for Karuna. Karuna needs a special companion as she has special needs.  We determined that she would best be paired with a young female calf that could grow up by her side.

On May 10, 2018, we received a call from a local dairy here in New Mexico that we could come and pick up a little girl if we could be there by three o’clock.

May 6, was Karuna’s birthday,  we were so excited to finally give her the gift of a lifetime companion.

We arrived at the dairy at 12:30, from the outside it was just a cute house with manicured landscape, as we headed in to the property there was a giant bull used for insemination tied up in a steel corral in the hot sun with no shade, he was their prized baby making machine.  He mooed softly as if to say “help me” ~  helpless I offered him prayers for a better life ~ I held back my tears as I looked into his eyes and said I love you.

As we turned the corner and looked out across the wide expanse of barren land with dust clouds blowing ~ there they were ~ the babies ~ dozens and dozens of babies. Rhe farmer said high numbers are boys, low numbers are girls.

I felt sick!  The little boys destined for veal crates, the little girls, who knows, some forced to a life of constantly being raped like their mothers only to give birth to a child that will be ripped away so that humans can drink their milk and eat dairy.  Some sold at auction for a dollar a pound and once in a blue moon, some get lucky and are rescued.

Immediately, one little girl spoke to me.  Her ear tag # 291-353 born 4/10/18 ~ her tummy full and her eyes were clear, she picked us as if to say ~ “you are my only hope”

The man picked her up and carried her to the Jeep, we asked if he had any raw milk for her, he gave us four gallons and off we went.  Ahimsa in the back of the Jeep for the hour ride home to sanctuary.

She was very calm on the ride ~ in shock no doubt ~ she was comforted and spoke to softly heart to heart ~ you are safe Ahimsa ~ we got you ~ you are going home ❤️

Please welcome Ahimsa into forever sanctuary here at Santuario de Karuna ~ we extend our promise to her to “make the rest of her life the best of her life”.

Needless to say, Karuna is overjoyed with happiness! She licks her face and moos gentle sounds of comfort and security to her ~ you are safe, you are home ~ you are love and will be loved ~ forever.

Please consider a donation to support the work we are doing here at Santuario de Karuna ~ we are a all volunteer grassroots nonprofit and your donation is tax deductible.

Or if you are able, please consider sponsoring Ahimsa with a $40 monthly donation that helps with straw and hay, treats, veterinary bills and meeting all her other needs. 

Ahimsa the day she was rescued from a dairy farm
Ahimsa meeting Karuna
Ahimsa & Karuna love their baby ball
Ahimsa saying hello to Nakho each morning ❤️
Listen to Ahimsa! Stop eating animals!
Ahimsa resting!
Bonus of you can spot Hondo!
Jumping Cow!
Ahimsa saying hello to Nakho & Mala!
Who will win the staring contest? Ahimsa or Nakho!
Ahimsa with her fresh house bale of hay! Karuna 😅🤣😂
Ahima on her Freedom Ride!
Ahimsa was just a number before coming to Santuario de Karuna
Ahimsa on the dairy farm the day she was rescued
Ahimsa getting to know Mahalo
Volunteers are always greatly appreciated!
Rae bottle feeding Ahimsa while Karuna looks on.
Ahimsa giving smooches 😘
Ahima is not a number!
Nahko makes her morning rounds and always stops to get her kiss from Ahimsa!
Nice clean water every day!
Ahimsa wondering what she will get in her stocking!
Ahimsa eating some oak leaves!
Ahimsa playing with her ball!
Ahimsa wears as much hay as she eats!
Ahimsa loves her baby ball
Karuna getting some 🍎
My wavy curls are from Karuna cleaning me!
Ahimsa getting in the Holiday spirit!
Baby cows don’t get to drink their mother’s milk on dairy farms because it is sold to humans. 
Ahimsa’s Freedom Ride!!!
Ahimsa saying hello to Hondo!
I love my baby ball 🥰
Always stop to smell the flowers 💐
Listen to Ahimsa…Stop Eatimg Animals!
Ahimsa playing with her food!
Ahimsa enjoying spent grain from ReSource Brewing Co.
Ahimsa helping put up shade cloths
Get that tail!!!
Ahimsa & Karuna on their daily exploring of the sanctuary
Ahimsa loves visitors because she gets snacks!