Food and Beverage Policy

We, the Board of Directors of Santuario de Karuna (SDK), wish to affirm that we founded the organization based upon our compassion for all beings. Because we embrace compassion for ALL living beings we have decided to officially adopt the following food and beverage policy to reflect the ethical standards which SDK is fully committed to.

This policy and procedure shall apply to all representatives of SDK to include, but not be limited to Board Members, volunteers and visitors to the sanctuary.

All food and beverages that will be served at SDK internal events (Board Meetings, Supporter appreciation gatherings, volunteer recruitment meetings, holiday parties, potlucks, fundraisers, etc.) will be vegan.

Vegan food and beverages are defined as being those that contain no forms of “meat” (cow, pig, lamb, chicken, turkey, fish, shellfish, etc.) nor eggs, dairy products (cow or goat milk, butter, cheese, sour cream, cream cheese, ice-cream) honey, and animal byproducts such as gelatin, rennet, and whey.

All food and beverages that will be served at external events which are attended by SDK representatives, and is under the control of SDK, will be vegan as defined above.

We realize that not all SDK representatives may follow a vegan lifestyle, but when representing SDK they are expected to follow vegan diet guidelines and respect the organization’s policy.

Furthermore, all visitors are to be informed of the SDK Food & Beverage Policy and will not be allowed to bring any items above on to the sanctuary grounds for consumption.