Gotcha Date: 12/12/2018

Asmi was found as a stray in the town of Bernallio walking down the street. She was severely underweight, 4” long hoofs, intact and her mobility severely comprised as her back legs were crisscrossed 

We were able to bring this special girl into sanctuary after receiving the call. 
Asmi was struggling and extremely compromised.  Asmi was horribly underweight, sunburned, overgrown hoofs, her back legs were crossed, she was 5 years old & still intact and filthy.

It was evident that her difficult life had been void of any positive human interaction ~ she was afraid of people.

Fast forward & our girl is now thriving ~ It is amazing what love can do ❤️
Asmi has found forever sanctuary here.

Asmi is flourishing ~ she has gained 25 lbs, her legs are stronger and no longer crossed, she has been altered and of course she gets her pedicures.

She is a talker and has a lot to say when it is time for breakfast, she enjoys a belly rub, if she is in the mood, and has become more trusting of humans.

We love you Asmi ❤

We built Moby’s new home adjacent to Asmi’s space in hopes that they will soon become snuggle buddies!

Thank you all for your continued love and support making this work possible for everyone who calls Santuario de Karuna home.

Asmi is a Sanskrit word meaning “I AM”
Asmi is someone not something ❤️

Please consider a donation, no amount is too small to help us continue our work here at the sanctuary.


If you are able, sponsor with a $25 monthly donation that helps with her vet care, feed, fresh fruits & veggies, proper shelter & straw for bedding, pedicures, medications and any other needs she may have.
$25.00 for each month


$25.00 for each month