Gotcha Date: 01/12/2020

Avani is one of our three small Japanese Silkie chickens. Avani is black with some orange color by her wing.

Avani, her brother Constantine and her sister Fortune were just days old, left in a plastic bag hanging on the sanctuary gate.

Avani is the groundskeeper among her flock.  She loves to dig up the soil in their outside yard making it easier for everyone else to take their dust baths.

Avani was favoring her right foot. A hair, perhaps from one of the cows tails was wrapped around her foot and one digit. She presented a pain response when I tried to remove it so off she went to the vet to have the hair removed & she was put on Metacam & Clavamox.  While she was healing, Avani rested in my bathroom enjoying extra love, delicious foods and special attention.

Unfortunately it happened a 2nd time…she had once again managed to get a piece of Karuna’s tail hair wrapped around her foot and outer toe.
So off again to the vet but this time she sadly had to have her outer toe amputated. Ironically it was the same toe that we saved several months back with the same surrounding conditions.  Avani once again went back in my tub while she healed & to receive extra medical attention & loving care. Avani then went into the Quarantine Coop for a couple weeks ~ of course on antibiotics and pain meds and daily bandage changes.

Avani is all healed & healthy now back out with Constantine & Fortune & the other hens running around! 

Please consider a donation to support the work we are doing here at Santuario de Karuna ~ we are an all volunteer grassroots nonprofit 501(c)3.

Without your support we wouldn’t be able to take in chickens like Avani & provide her with all the medical care she needed.

If you are able,  sponsor Avani with a $10 monthly reoccurring donation that helps with her food, fresh fruits & veggies, water, housing, electricity, medical bills and meeting all her other needs.  Thank you! 

Avani meeting Indigo!
Constantine, Fortune & Avani
Avani inside the house while her toe amputation healed Oct 22
Left to right, Michele Avani, Katie, Tophu and Oreo enjoying some fresh greens!
Avani surrounded by her hen sisters!
Avani with Constantine
Avani with Fortune
Avani in chicken coop with Fortune, Constantine, Anabel & Tophu
Avani healing from her toe injury in Aug 2021. Same toe later had to be amputed.
Avani with Nigel
Avani & all the hens get their own stockings to celebrate the holidays!
Avani, Fortune & Constantine
Avani, Fortune & Constantine

Avani, Fortune & Constantine…eggs are always fed back to the chickens.

Avani (one with orange on her wing) out with Constantine & Fortune