Gotcha Date: 04/04/2018

Since Brixen entered sanctuary here at Santuario de Karuna, this bundle of joy has touched so many hearts with his sweet kisses and gentle nudges for a tummy rub.

While enjoying a vegan sampling of deliciousness at Brixen’s, we received a call from an older gentleman stating that his daughter had taken custody of a potbelly pig from a terrible situation.

His daughter, having no place to keep this sweet guy, gave the little black pig, Munster, to her father.

After having Munster for several months, he realized that Munster was in danger, as his dogs were very aggressive towards Munster.  He was also concerned that the little Igloo that Munster was sleeping in was not an adequate shelter for his piggy needs.

We agreed to offer Munster sanctuary ~ packing up our lunch, we headed to pick up this little guy.

Upon arriving, it was clear that the gentlemen had made his loving decision in the best interest of Munster.

We loaded Munster into the Jeep and began to drive away, the man yelled out Mija ~ Mija!  I stopped the Jeep and the man approached us crying ~ he wanted one last goodbye and to give us Munster’s food.

As we were driving to the sanctuary ~ we decided to gift Munster a new name ~ We welcome Brixen.

After getting Brixen all settled in, I remembered the food the man had sent for Brixen. There was a half a bag of all stock pellets.  Inside the bag was a can of green beans, a can of corn and some Cheerios.

Seeing the rations the man had sent made me cry ~ he was doing his best. Even though this diet was not what Munster needed ~ I could feel the love.  He knew that Munster needed veggies in his diet and the little Cheerio treats showed me that he was spending time with Munster.

Brixen now lives with his roommate, Jenny~Sue & loves getting belly rubs, playing in mud holes & catching snow!  He is living his best life now ❤️

Thank you to all our supporters and sponsors who make these rescues possible. Please consider a donation so we can continue our work.

Or if you are able,  sponsor Brixen with a $25 monthly donation that helps with his food, treats, bedding, enrichment, veterinary bills and meeting all his other needs.  Thank you! 

Sweet Brixen
Doesn’t Brixen just have the cutest toofers?!
💋 😘
Brixen & housemate Jenny~Sue sunbathing
What a Cutie!
Hondo saying hello to Brixen & Jenny Sue
Brixen & Jenny Sue
Brixen & Jenny~Sue
Brixen in a little nest
Pig Rakie with Brixen
See my teefers!
Brixen getting some love while Jenny Sue looks on!
Brixen has always been sweet & gentle
Belly Rubs are the best!
Brixen with housemate, Jenny~Sue
Brixen loves belly rubs!
🎃 🎃 🎃 time!
Brixen on the day he was rescued
Brixen’s 1st day at the sanctuary
Big smooches with Tamara
Yum pumpkin 🎃
More sweet Brixen 💋
Brixen supervising the volunteers! They were putting in a gate between Brixen & Jenny Sue so they could start to get to know each other before becoming roommates. They are now roommates!
Smell that fresh clean East Mountain air!
Oh yes butt rubs!
Brixen’s 1st steps into his forever home at the sanctuary!
Jayden made Brixen a welcome home sign!
Look at my cute butt!
Where Brixen was rescued from.
Brixen playing in his mud hole!
Brixen nice & warm & cozy in bed
Brixen likes to catch snow to eat ❄️
Brixen loves to rub on Tamara’s boots!
Brixen blowing bubbles in the water!
Brixen all tucked in for the night!
Brixen with local girl scout troop
Brixen saw his shadow…Oh No…6 more weeks of Winter 😬