Cassie Jo

Gotcha Date: 09/18/2022

Friends of the sanctuary were traveling here in the East Mountains when they came across a bystander that witnessed this precious girl being launched from a moving vehicle.

Trust me, there is no way this girl jumped!  She was thrown from the vehicle ~ point proven as they never came back for her. Our friends swooped her up and made sure she received immediate medical care.  It appeared as though her spine and hind legs were injured in the fall.

It was determined after her examination that she either suffers from previous, untreated injuries, congenital deformities or she was crate bound by a breeder from a young age. It is evident that she has had many liters of puppies and she is currently in heat again.

We welcomed Cassie~Jo into sanctuary to live her best life! Cassie~Jo was spayed and had her teeth cleaned too.  We also seeked specialty care to diagnose and treat her hind legs and her spine.

We had a commitment with a sanctuary friend to give Cassie~Jo a safe place to land, although after spending one night in sanctuary,  she made up her mind ~ she was home.

Please help us give Cassie~Jo all that she deserves ~ donate if you can ~ thank you so much and stay tuned on her progress with her huge new family!

Cassie~Jo is home!
It really is amazing what love can do. She is doing great!  We love to sing together each morning & do a little dance!

Please consider sponsoring Cassie~Jo with a $10 monthly donation that helps with her food, treats, vet bills and meeting all her other needs. 

Cassie Jo in the cone of shame 😢
Big stretches!
Hey there is nothing in this stocking!
Cassie Jo with Nellie Mae
Cassie Jo was so skiny when she arrived 😭
Holding Cassie with Nellie Mae to my right Sully on my lap & Rocky & Taos to my left!