Gotcha Date: 03/01/2020

On February 29th, we received a call about 9 Rio Grande turkeys that had been saved from the November massacre intended for food, that were surrendered to a sheep sanctuary in La Cienega, NM ~ we were able to offer two sanctuary, Clark & Lewis.

We lovingly prepared a place for the boys, hooked up the trailer and off we went to Santa Fe to bring them home.

They were best of friends and perhaps even brothers.

Samuel, our resident turkey then who had lost his brother the previous year, greeted the boys as if they were long lost friends reuniting. There were long conversations, nuzzling and Samuel was proud to show Clark & Lewis around their new home.

Despite what people say, Turkeys are not dumb ~ they have a beautiful language, they are loyal, they recognize human faces, they are natural athletes, they know which insects are harmful and as I witnessed today ~ they show mercy and grace to a friend who is suffering.

Clark & Lewis will reside in sanctuary for the rest of their lives.

In honor of Clark & in memory of Lewis and the 46 million turkeys killed for a single day in November, please consider a small donation.

Or even better, sponsor Clark monthly for just $15 to ensure he gets all his favorites ~ fresh greens, blueberries, grapes, black oiled sunflower seeds and delicious melons plus all his other needs.  Thank you! 

Clark with Lewis
Clark & Lewis with Samuel in background.
Clark & Lewis enjoying a meal with Samuel
Clark & Lewis on their way to Santuario de Karuna!
Clark & Lewis enjoying a meal!
Clark and all the turkeys get a ThankLiving feast each holiday! Plus Indigo the 🦚
Clark with Samuel & Nigel enjoying a ThanksLiving Feast!
Clark & Lewis when they 1st arrived in sanctuary enjoying a meal
Yvonne helping bring Clark & Lewis into sanctuary
Clark & Lewis in healing space when 1st arrived into sanctuary
Clark with Samuel, Nigel & Johnny Cash
Clark sharing a meal with Lewis & Samuel
Clark with Lewis & Samuel
Clark being picked up to come to Santuario de Karuna
Clark with Nigel, Samuel, Johnny Cash & Rumi
Clark with Samuel, Nigel, Johnny Cash & Rumi the rooster
Clark & Lewis