Gotcha Date: 08/30/2017

Whenever there is a compromised little chick we will try to help out when we can. Janet along with Luba and Lisa needed a little extra help so we stepped up and offered them sanctuary with sweet Patty who had just been rescued the day before (who turned out to be a rooster).

These three little ladies & Patty were bought by a local feed & supply store from a hatchery to be sold during Chick Days.

At three days old and with out proper care they were struggling to survive ~ Santuario de Karuna stepped up to make the rest of their lives the best ever.

Chickens are brave, strong and courageous ~ aspire to be a chicken!

Janet now resides with her BFF’s Lisa & Sidney!  They love to sunbathe together & share meals.

Please consider making an appointment to tour the sanctuary and meet the amazing individuals that call Santuario de Karuna home and please donate if you can so we can continue to provide for them and continue our rescue work.

Or if you are able,  sponsor Janet with a $10 monthly donation that helps with her food, fresh fruits & veggies, water, bedding, medical bills and meeting all her other needs.  Thank you! 

Janet with BBF, Lisa
Janet with Tamara!
Janet with Sidney & Lisa
Janet with Lisa
Everytime we make Sidney’s bed, Janet & Lisa go in & mess it up!!!  That’s what roommates are for!
Janet shares all meals with her roommates, Lisa & Sidney
Baby Janet
Sidney always shares his meals with Janet & Lisa
Janet with Lisa, Luba & Patty
Janet with her namesake
Janet, Lisa, Luba & Patty in the Chick Nursery under heating lamps.
Patty~Roo with Janet, Lisa & Luba
Janet with Sidney
Janet with Lisa, Luba & Patty
Janet with roommate, Sidney
Baby Janet
Janet as a baby chick
Sidney’s old house is where Janet & Lisa’s chicken feed is kept so Sidney can’t eat it all.
Janet, Lisa, Luba & Patty are getting big…about 6 weeks old!  First day out to explore the big chicken coop ~ the big girls are outside and the little girls have the inside run for awile!
Janet getting some sunshine with Sidney
Janet sharing a meal with Sidney & Lisa
Janet getting her daily egg with Lisa