Gotcha Date: 03/13/2020

Michele along with Anabel, Tophu, Katie & Madison (who turned out to be a rooster) were rescued from a local feed & supply store as baby chicks, only 6 days old.  They were all struggling to survive without proper attention and veterinary care.

Feed stores order baby chicks from hatcheries to sell to their customers.  These babies never meet their mothers and upon hatching, they are immediately sent USPS Priority Mail to whomever ordered them. This is a very stressful journey in a box with a few holes, no food and no water ~ many do not survive.  Those that do survive often times arrive stressed and compromised.  Such is the story of Michele & the others.

We have an agreement with several feed stores that sell Chicks ~ if they have little ones that are struggling, we have agreed to provide extra love, care and forever sanctuary to the babies ❤️

So we welcomed  Michele, Tophu, Anabel, Katie & Maddie into their forever home ~ each of them had pasty butt and needed some extra love. They are all doing great now living their best lives!

Michele & the others have only known love in sanctuary ~ thank you for helping us change their lives.

Michele is in need of a monthly sponsor ~ will you be her supporter for $10 a month?!

Or please consider a one time donation to help us continue our work.  Thank you!

Michele with her sisters
The chicks, Michele, Katie, Maddie, Tophu & Anabel, are getting big!  They are hop-flying, beginning to roost and enjoying new foods everyday ~ today!
Michele with Anabel behind her
Michele in the chicken coop with her sisters
Michele with Anabel
Michele with her sisters enjoying an egg.  All eggs are fed back to the chickens.
Michele getting some love from Tamara. Michele is named after Tamara’s sister.
Michele in the chicken coop yard enjoying some greens!
Michelle with Katie, Maddie, Tophu, Anabel & Carebear
Baby Michele 🐤
Today was a big day for the chicks ~ Michele, Katie, Maddie, Tophu Lishus and Anabel. They spent the day in the inside chicken run while the big girls played outside.