Gotcha Date: 11/09/2022

Moby is our newest pig resident to live in sanctuary free from his previous hoarding situation full of neglect and trauma. He will only know love going forward.  Currently he’s around four years old. He came from a horrible hoarding case in NC.  He along with 100 other animals were seized by Animal Control due to unsafe conditions, lack of food, vet care and shelter. He was in need of immediate vet care due to his current health & malnourishment. 

Rescuers and authorities found close to 100 animals living in horrific, unlivable conditions with no food or water. Animals were suffering in the heat of summer standing in waste waters all day, every day with nowhere dry to step on and likely not surviving the harsh winter months. Animals were sick, had no shelter or even something as basic as clean water.
A coalition of sanctuaries was formed to save all these lives.

They put out a call to see if anyone  had a single pig who needed a buddy to please consider Moby. We immediately thought of Asmi here at Santuario de Karuna & how wonderful it would be if she found a new BFF.

This sweet boy has been through absolute hell but you wouldn’t know it when you meet him.  He’s loving. 

Thank you to Operation NC Freedom, who rescued Moby and secured  transportation for him along with 8 others from NC to NM.

Upon arriving to his forever home, Moby checked out his new digs and after a delicious healthy dinner, he snuggled in for the night in his cozy new house. 
He met Asmi briefly and we hope they will soon become snuggle buddies!

Please only support reputable organizations and rescuers and sanctuaries. Do not give animals to people just because they call themselves rescuers. Countless animals nearly lost their lives because someone called themselves a rescue.  Please do your research 1st. 

Thank you to all our supporters that allow us to help save lives.  If anyone would like to consider a small donation welcoming Moby into sanctuary, we would greatly appreciate it. 

For all new residents (as seen in the pictures), we always prepare a very special place for them to call home at Santuario de Karuna.

If you are able, please consider sponsoring Moby with a $25 monthly donation that helps to ensure the funds are all there for his vet care, feed, fresh fruits & veggies, proper shelter & straw for bedding, medications,  transportion in case of any emergencies, and any other needs he may have. 

Fun fact, I am named after the musician, Moby!
Moby in his fresh straw!
Moby sunbathing with Asmi
A week later, Moby & Asmi in a snow traffic Jam!
Moby meeting Asmi thru the gate at 1st
Moby & Asmi hanging out together!
This is how Moby lived before coming to Santuario de Karuna
Moby enjoying his fresh hay everyday in sanctuary 💕
Moby stays nice & comfy warm every night buried under straw and blankets!
Moby enjoying his delicious fresh food every day now in sanctuary!
Moby now has clean blankets to snuggle with!
Moby’s last part of his journey to his forever home!
Putting on the last special touches for Moby”s new home!
Building Moby”s new house in preparation of his arrival!