Nellie Mae

Gotcha Date: 04/16/2020

Nellie~Mae is from the same orphanage as late Paris, Lara~Lu & Sully.  Although unlike the before mentioned very senior doggies when rescued, Nellie Mae was only a few years old when rescued. Nellie~Mae now never again has to be used as a puppy machine.

She is a sweetheart & some of the volunteers favorite! As you can see Nellie~Mae loves food! She loves to shadow with Tamara and snuggle deep under the covers at night.

Nellie was pulled from the Valencia County shelter by a kind heart with good intentions.  Although, sadly this is often a recipe for disaster if the Good Samaritan does not have the proper resources to care for all the souls they try to save.

Thankfully, one of our long time supporters offered Nellie~Mae an amazing life surrounded by other amazing littles, proper vet care and delicious, nutritious foods and lots of love ❤️

The sanctuary decided to bring in another sweet Little to live with our pack.  We welcomed Nellie~Mae with open arms and open hearts. Nellie arrived in Sanctuary just days after our beloved Paris crossed the rainbow bridge. Nellie~Mae fit in perfectly with zero adjustments ~ it was like she was always here. Her sweet temperament and loving snuggles made her hard to resist ~ everyone loved and accepted immediately and I quickly gained a new shadow friend.

If you would like to help us continue our much needed work here at Santuario de Karuna, please consider a donation to us. 

Or if you are able,  sponsor Nellie Mae with a $10 monthly donation that helps with her food, treats & veterinary bills and meeting all her other needs.  Thank you! 

That’s OK, sit on me!
Lara~Lu found the best seat in the house ~ on Nellie~Mae
Yoda ears!
Nellie Mae with Sully going for a car ride!
Nellie Mae in the Holiday spirit!
Nellie~Mae celebrating the holidays. She will give those candy canes to Hondo the donkey!
Nellie Mae with grandpa!
Nellie Mae with Rocky & Sully
Hey watcha doing there?
Sweet sisters Taos & Nellie~Mae
Nellie~Mae must not like my music!
Nellie Mae with Paris
Nellie Mae with Lara Lu
Taos meeting Nellie Mae for the 1st time!
Nellie~Mae and her friends Moe and Stephanie!