Gotcha Date: 05/27/2020

This handsome fella was displaced fro1m his flock in Santa Fe when the flood waters raged in 2018. Todd and Tara, two kind and loving souls, provided Nigel with the best care, meeting all his needs as he imprinted on their property at their home sanctuary for about 2 years.

Nigel was then attacked by dogs ~ he fought for his life and in the loving care of Todd & Tara ~ he survived the night. He was then taken to a vet for special, loving care. Nigel was evaluated, his feathers were trimmed and his wounds were flushed. 

We met Todd, Tara and Nigel at the vet’s office.  Santuario de Karuna agreed to cover Nigel’s expenses and welcome him into forever sanctuary.

We continued cleaning his wounds and providing him with pain management and antibiotics.

Nigel was home! Never again will he fear an attack ~ he will know only love, delicious, nutritious food and excellent veterinary care surrounded by turkey friends and people who love him.

Fast forward & he is doing GREAT!  Hanging at Patty’s Place with some of the larger birds:  other turkeys (Samuel, Clark & Johnny Cash), Indigo the peacock & Rumi the rooster.

Please help us ensure that all Nigel’s needs are met and that we may continue to provide the best care for this precious soul by becoming his monthly sponsor for $15 a month.

Or one time donations are also greatly appreciated.

Turkeys are social, playful birds who are intelligent and have distinct personalities just like dogs and cats. If you have ever interacted with a turkey, you know just how beautiful and affectionate they are. Much love going out to everyone who has connected with Nigel ~ he is Someone not something. Nigel is a sentient being, his nervous system is similar to that of mammals, so he has suffered enormous physical pain, just as humans, cats and dogs do. Turkeys create long-lasting social bonds with each other and with humans. Turkeys love to be stroked, petted and cuddled.
Thank you all for making it possible for Nigel to regain his strength, heal and continue to be loved.
Nigel in his healing space
Nigel with Samuel
Nigel with Samuel
Deep in conversation!
Prior to Nigel coming into sanctuary ~ he was attacked by dogs ~ it took two months of isolation and daily meds to get him back to his best self.  Look at Nigel today ~ he is the king of the roost and doing fantastic! Look how long his beard is!
Nigel ~ the beloved Meleagris, Turkey, who found himself displaced from his previous flock up in Santa Fe & later attacked by dogs.  He is now living his best life here in sanctuary!
The mirror is the turkeys gathering place!
Nigel with Samuel, Clark, Johnny Cash & Rumi!
Nigel after being attacked by dogs & on the way to the sanctuary.
Nigel with Rumi the rooster & turkey brothers, Samuel, Clark & Johnny Cash.
Nigel with Clark, Samuel & Johnny Cash
Every ThankLiving, we prepare a special meal for Nigel & all the other rescued turkeys at the sanctuary in honor of the more than 46 million turkeys that have been slaughtered for a holiday meal this week. Each year, they are given a special feast with all their favorites!  Thank you to everyone that donates that allows us to do this. Thank you to everyone that is having a cruelty free holiday meal!
2021 ThanksLiving holiday Feast for the turkeys! Nigel with Samuel & Clark. Indigo the peacock also gets to enjoy!
Nigel with Indigo
Nigel entering forever sanctuary here at Santuario de Karuna.
Nigel coming home to Santuario de Karuna where “All Lives Matter”
Nigel meeting Sir Elton
Nigel was in with the hens for a bit while he continued to heal. Here his wounds are 75% healed, his appetite is fantastic, he has wonderful social skills and is so loved. Nigel came out of the healing space. However, rather than putting him directly in with his new turkey friends, all males, we elected to move him in with the chicken hens 1st until he was 100%. This not only allowed him full range of motion, it also allowed him to be with a smaller flock of ladies so that he may continue healing before the pecking order of the males shifts again.
Nigel now resides with the male birds in Patty’s Place.
Nigel in with chickens before moving to Patty’s Place
Nigel in the Chicken Coop
Nigel in his healing space adjusting to his 1st day in sanctuary
Nigel with Avani