Gotcha Date: 04/24/2016

Prince along with his brother Bowie & Jackson (PB&J Boyz) were all rescued from the dairy industry ~ they are all male dairy goats and since boys do not lactate, they were considered to have zero economic value and were destined to be killed shortly after being born.  We bottle fed the boys and they will live their amazing lives here at the sanctuary.

Thank you all for supporting our work here at Santuario de Karuna ~ we can only change lives because of you ~ the PB&J Boyz lives changed big time because of all of you ~ Thank you!

Please celebrate their amazing lives in sanctuary by making a donation to help us continue our work.

Or if you are able,  sponsor Prince with a $20 monthly donation that helps with his food, treats, bedding, veterinary bills and meeting all his other needs.  Thank you! 

Prince with Fred
Prince & his brothers Bowi, Jackson, Basil & Kale
Prince & his brothers Jackson & Bowie
Jackson, Bowie & Prince
Prince with local girl scout troop visitors
All 5 goats together: Bowie. Prince, Jackson, Kale & Basil
Every holiday, the goats stockings are filled with treats!
Prince getting spaghetti from Amy
Prince being bottle fed because his mother’s milk is used instead for cheese and soap
All the goats love dried spaghetti as a special treat!

Goats love to climb on stuff!

Spaghetti 🍝