Gotcha Date: 07/12/2016

There is a saying that resonates with everything we believe in at Santuario de Karuna ~ “If not me then who? ~ If not now then when?”

Sidney spent the first four months of his life trapped in an enclosed wooden spool ~ denied his freedom to move around and void of any positive human interaction.

A concerned citizen aware of his plight contacted us to see if we could help.

Up for the challenge, we facilitated a loving and non judgmental conversation with his then person.  We wanted to first see if given some education, tools and a helping hand if they could do better ~ this was not the case.

Sidney was surrendered to the sanctuary on July 12, 2016 ~ he was finally home ❤️

Sidney has flourished over the years, he has so many friends that come to visit him and his two chicken girls, Janet & Lisa, who lovingly groom him and sleep with him at night.

Sidney has only known love since he arrived ~ he loves yummy food and warm sunshine on his back.

Sidney is family ~ he is home ~ he is love and he is loved. 

Thank you all for supporting the work here at the sanctuary and always remember ~ if you see something do something ❤️

When Sidney arrived he was covered in scars from dogs, without much hair and afraid of human touch ~ fast forward and today he has a beautiful coat of hair and loves all of his sanctuary friends. 

Thank you all for helping us to ensure that the rest of his life is the best of his life! Please consider a  donation for Sidney today ❤️

Or if you are able,  sponsor Sidney with a $25 monthly donation that helps with his food, treats, bedding, veterinary bills and meeting all his other needs.  Thank you! 

Sidney with his best friends, Janet & Lisa 🐔🐔🐖
I guess I will come out for breakfast!
Sidney & Lisa
Sidney getting a belly rub from Danny!
Too cold to come outside!
Nice & Sunny today, Sidney! Come on out!
Look at my cute butt!
Thinking Sidney can’t fit into the house? Yep on purpose! This is where Janet & Lisa (chickens) food is kept. Not for you Sidney!!! This is Sidney’s old house. His nice big one is behind this one.
The wooden enclosed spool that Sidney use to live in before coming to Santuario de Karuna
Photo by Susan Warren
Sidney always shares his meals with Lisa & Janet!
Sidney sitting with Janet
Sidney loves Belly Rubs!
Janet & Lisa love to clean Sidney!
Sidney sunbathing with Lisa
Sidney sharing his meal with Janet & Lisa