Gotcha Date: 11/12/2015

Taos one of the sanctuary rescue dogs 🐕

Taos is the most  sensitive and heart forward pup in the pack. He loves all the attention & some good rubs!

We love you baby girl and we are blessed everyday by your amazing wisdom, gentle soul and gigantic heart.

Now & Then
Taos celebrating the holidays!
Big licks for Momma!
Taos with Nellie~Mae
Taos celebrating his 6th birthday!
Stop to smell the flowers!
I think I will just take a nap here!
Taos with Sully
Taos with Paris
Taos, Rocky, Aliah & Karma Kitty
Taos desperately wants some lasagna!
Taos as a puppy
Taos, Karma Kitty & Rocky
Big 💋
Where did Rocky go???
Me want cookie!!!
Taos & Rocky love to play together!
Taos looking so regal!
Taos. Rocky & Aliah
Taos & Rocky getting some ❤️
Taos getting some Momma love ❤️
Taos & Karma Kitty

Taos & Sully

Taos, Rocky & Nellie relaxing in the Secret Garden