Tophu Lishus

Gotcha Date: 03/13/2020

Tophu is named after a dear friend & supporter of the sanctuary, Shay’s nick name “Tophu Lishus.”

Tophu along with Anabel, Katie, Michele & Madison (who turned out to be a rooster) were rescued from a local feed & supply store as baby chicks, only 6 days old.  They were all struggling to survive without proper attention and veterinary care.

More specifically, we headed to pickup some feed for the Animals ~ as we walked through the store we see one of the sales associates walking towards us ~ we knew what was about to happen.

We have an agreement with several feed stores that sell Chicks ~ if they have little ones that are struggling, we have agreed to provide extra love, care and forever sanctuary to the babies ❤️

So we welcomed  Tophu, Anabel, Katie, Michele & Maddie into their forever home ~ each of them had pasty butt and needed some extra love.

Thank you to everyone that sent them good vibes and healing energy. 

CareBear was also rescued that day, however she had a deformed leg & unfortunately passed shortly after her rescue. 

Tophu & the others have only known love in sanctuary ~ thank you for helping us change their lives.

If you would like to help us continue our much needed work here at Santuario de Karuna, please consider a donation to us. 

Or if you are able,  sponsor Tophu with a $10 monthly donation that helps with her food, fresh fruits & veggies, treats, housing, veterinary bills and meeting all her other needs.  Thank you! 

Tophu roosting. It is important chickens have room to roost at night for them to feel safe.
Tophu is the lower right, spotted black & white chicken eating her fresh fruits & veggies along with all her chicken friends.
The eggs are fed back to the hens since good source of calcium. An eggshell is approx 90% calcium. Modern hens are genetically modified to lay more eggs than they would naturally do. This causes many health issues including the depletion of calcium. A calcium deficiency causes many health issues. A hen’s bones may become fragile, weak, and break easily. A calcium deficiency also weakens a hen’s immune system and makes her more susceptible to disease. This is why their eggs (most importantly their eggshells) are fed back to them.
Tophu with her namesake!
The eggs are fed back to the chickens
Baby Tophu with her mates Michele, Katie, Maddie, Anabel & CareBear in the chick nursery where they are housed until get bigger. They were rescued at only 6 days old.
Tophu (R) & Oreo (L) are best buds! How to tell the difference between the two? Tophu’s red comb stands up and doesn’t have a black spot.
Tophu with Michele, Katie, Madison & Anabel who were all rescued together. This is their 1st day exploring inside the chicken run while the big hens are outside playing. They are a little over a month old here.
Yum fresh greens!
Tophu with Brixen
Tophu with Anabel & Dopey enjoying some Fall weather!
Tophu inside while she heals
Tophu getting extra love from her namesake ❤️
Tophu inside Tamara’s bathroom healing. She just finished eating tomatoes, berries, and grains so that’s why it looks messy. Thank goodness she is in sanctuary where she gets proper medical care and extra love while she heals.
Aren’t I beautiful?!
Tophu as a baby chick
Tophu meeting her namesake…Love at 1st Sight!
Tophu at 6 days old
Baby Tophu
The chicks, Tophu, Katie, Maddie, Michele & Anabel, are getting big!  They are hop-flying, beginning to roost and enjoying new foods everyday ~ today!
Tophu~Lishus getting love from Mama Shay 💕
Tophu, Michele, Katie, Anabel & Maddie enjoying some greens!
Today was a big day for the chicks ~ Michele, Katie, Maddie, Tophu Lishus and Anabel.
They spent the day in the inside chicken run while the big girls played outside.
Tophu along with Anabel, Katie, Michele, Maddie & CareBear who were rescued at only 6 days old.
Baby Tophu keeping nice & warm!

“Every year, the poultry industry calls September “national chicken month” in an attempt to boost slumping sales after grilling season.  We’re all for having a month for chickens–if that means we’re celebrating them and, most importantly, keeping them off our plates.  Chickens are intelligent and social individuals with rich lives, and an ability to feel pain and suffer just like we do. 

When raised for food or eggs, chickens endure horrors like overcrowding, filthy conditions, and painful procedures like debeaking without painkillers or anesthesia. Raised to grow at tremendous speeds, “broiler” birds (chickens raised for meat) who survive these conditions will be slaughtered at just two months old.

It isn’t just chickens raised for meat who suffer. Egg-laying hens suffer heartwrenching abuse, many kept in tiny battery cages with no space to turn around or even spread their wings.  Males born into this industry are killed on their first day of life, because they cannot lay eggs.

This doesn’t have to be the reality. By shifting towards a plant-based diet, we can stop giving our money to corporations that torture animals for profit.”

Above info is from Animal Outlook.