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    Gotcha Day: 3/13/20 Anabel along with Michele, Tophu, Katie & Madison (who turned out to be a rooster) were rescued from a local feed & supply store as baby chicks, only […]
    Gotcha Day: 3/13/20 Whenever there is a compromised little chick we will try to help out when we can. Maddie along with Anabel, Tophu, Michele & Katie needed a little extra […]
    Gotcha Day: 3/13/20 Michele along with Anabel, Tophu, Katie & Madison (who turned out to be a rooster) were rescued from a local feed & supply store as baby chicks, only […]
    Gotcha Day: 3/13/20 Katie along with Anabel, Tophu, Michele & Madison (who turned out to be a rooster) were rescued from a local feed & supply store as baby chicks, only […]
  • LP
    Gotcha Day: 4/8/20 We received a call from the Abq Eastside Animal Shelter about a little abandoned hen that was struggling ~ malnourished and dehydrated  They said they were not […]
    Gotcha Day: 9/18/22 Friends of the sanctuary were traveling here in the East Mountains when they came across a bystander that witnessed this precious girl being launched from a moving vehicle. […]
    Gotcha Day: 9/24/16 Rocky is one of the sweetest souls to ever walk this earth. Rocky’s story, it’s a heart breaking story, but he has the best life now in sanctuary. […]
    Gotcha Day: 4/16/20 Nellie~Mae is from the same orphanage as late Paris, Lara~Lu & Sully.  Although unlike the before mentioned very senior doggies when rescued, Nellie Mae was only a few […]
    Gotcha Day: 1/25/23 Alice~Ann was an “owner” surrender to the Westside Albuquerque shelter.  During her intake evaluation they estimated her age as 15 years old.  She was most certainly neglected with […]
    Gotcha Day: 9/30/18 4 month year old Inbred Great Pyrenees pups, Nakho and sister Mala were brought into sanctuary from a backyard breeder. Nahko Bear is the best sanctuary guardian we […]
    Gotcha Day: 10/20/22 Mahalo was 4 months old when he was rescued from Glorieta. He had never been seen by a vet, so he got all his vaccinations and later neutered […]
    Gotcha Day: 1/12/20 Fortune and her brother Constantine & her sister Avani are the Japanese Silkie chickens. Fortune is the plain black silkie. Avani is black with some orange color by […]
    Gotcha Day: 1/12/20 Avani is one of our three small Japanese Silkie chickens. Avani is black with some orange color by her wing. Avani, her brother Constantine and her sister Fortune […]
    Gotcha Day: 1/12/20 Constantine and his sisters, Fortune & Avani are the Japanese Silkie chicks. They were just days old when they were left in a plastic bag hanging on our […]
    Gotcha Day: 1/18/20 Sir Elton is one of our rescued roosters 🐓 ❤️ The animals and Compassion Crew here at Santuario de Karuna would like to say thank you.  Without you, […]
    Gotcha Day: 10/20/22 Florence is one of our rescued chickens 🐔. She came from the same place as Mahalo on the same day. We noticed she had a prolapsed oviduct & […]
    GOtcha Day: 3/25/05 Karma Kitty is a our resident sanctuary cat 🐈. As you can see her favorite thing is to snuggle with Rocky! Tamara shortly after moving to New Mexico, […]
  • TAOS
    Gotcha Day: 11/12/15 Taos one of the sanctuary rescue dogs 🐕 Taos is the most  sensitive and heart forward pup in the pack. He loves all the attention & some good […]
    Gotcha Day: 12/18/22 Evelin along with Joy and Amy Edward Scissorbeak were welcomed into sanctuary right in time to celebrate the holidays & the New Year! These three ladies were in […]
  • JOY
    Gotcha Day: 12/18/22 Joy along with Evelin and Amy Edward Scissorbeak were welcomed into sanctuary. These three ladies were in need of a soft place to land and thankfully the Quarantine […]
    Gotcha Day: 6/28/20 Baba~Roo arrived in sanctuary after being attacked by a turkey ~ who sadly removed his left wing.  Fast forward and he is. thriving and loved, protected and safe. […]
  • RUMI
    Gotcha Day: 6/9/20 Rumi is one of our gorgeous roosters!  Look at his coloring! He was 3 months young when he came into sanctuary with us.  He went into the Healing […]
    Gotcha Day: 3/1/20 On February 29th, we received a call about 9 Rio Grande turkeys that had been saved from the November massacre intended for food, that were surrendered to a […]
    Gotcha Day: 11/24/22 On Thanksgiving day 2022, we brought this beautiful Jake into sanctuary ~ his name is Prajna.  He was born on July 29th ~ so he was four months  […]
    Gotcha Day: 9/14/22 Johnny was having a rough time at his previous home with a couple of Guinea that had it out for him. We got a request if we could […]
    Gotcha Day: 11/1/16 Samuel is our oldest turkey guy rescued with his Brother, Duncan, on World Vegan Day in 2016.  Sadly, Duncan passed away in 2019. Samuel and Duncan were born […]
  • LISA
    Gotcha Day: 8/30/17 In late August 2017, we rescued Lisa along with Janet, Luba & Patty. They were three day old chicks from a local feed store.  Three little hens, Lisa, […]
    Gotcha Day: 8/30/17 Whenever there is a compromised little chick we will try to help out when we can. Janet along with Luba and Lisa needed a little extra help so […]
    Gotcha Date: 3/13/20 Tophu is named after a dear friend & supporter of the sanctuary, Shay’s nick name “Tophu Lishus.” Tophu along with Anabel, Katie, Michele & Madison (who turned out […]
  • ASMI
    Gotcha Day: 12/12/18 Asmi was found as a stray in the town of Bernallio walking down the street. She was severely underweight, 4” long hoofs, intact and her mobility severely comprised […]
    Gotcha Day: 4/4/18 Since Brixen entered sanctuary here at Santuario de Karuna, this bundle of joy has touched so many hearts with his sweet kisses and gentle nudges for a tummy […]
    Gotcha Day: 5/3/15 Karuna was rescued by friends who saved her from slaughter.  She had an amazing life with her people and even became fence mates with a neighbor’s cow.  Life […]
    Gotcha Day: 5/10/17 Hondo has arrived at Santuario de Karuna ~ we promised to make the rest of his life the best of his life.  He is a 24 year old […]
    Gotcha Day:  8/24/22 Our beloved Isabelle arrived in sanctuary on August 24th, 2022 ~ she came from a loving home to be a companion to Hondo. She spends most of her […]
    Gotcha Day:  3/11/16 There is a saying that resonates with everything we believe in at Santuario de Karuna ~ “If not me then who? ~ If not now then when?” Sidney […]
    Gotcha Day:  9/14/18 Everyone welcome Jenny~Sue, fka Sunflower, to the rest of her life here at Santuario de Karuna Jenny~Sue was part of a cruelty case and has found forever sanctuary […]
    Gotcha Day: 7/8/2020 Santuario De Karuna  and several of our Compassion Crew Members helped to rescue Indigo from a horrible situation. Indigo went from a life of no human contact, no […]
    Gotcha Day:  5/5/16 On April 19th, 2016, I met this beautiful girl at the Westside Animal Shelter while rescuing 7 hens.   I could not stop thinking about her.  Gilda Radner aka […]
    Gotcha Day: 4/24/16 Prince along with his brother Bowie & Jackson (PB&J Boyz) were all rescued from the dairy industry ~ they are all male dairy goats and since boys do […]
    Gotcha Day: 4/24/16 Jackson & his 2 brothers Prince & Bowie (PB& Boyz) were rescued from a goat dairy selling goat cheese at our local coop on Earth Day 2016.  The […]
    Gotcha Day: 4/24/16 Bowie along with his 2 brothers Prince & Jackson (The PB&J Boyz) were rescued while tabling at the La Montanita Earth Day Festival. These three precious lives were […]
  • KALE
    Gotcha Day:  3/1/15 We were preparing to tie dye socks to raise money for the sanctuary, I hate tie dying, but it is for the animals ❤️ Dreading the day ~ […]
    Gotcha Day: 3/1/15 This is what love looks like ~ we rescued Basil & his brother Kale from a dairy farm where their lives were deemed to have no value simply […]
  • Moby
    Gotcha Day: 11/9/2022 Moby is our newest pig resident to live in sanctuary free from his previous hoarding situation full of neglect and trauma. He will only know love going forward.  […]
  • Ahimsa
    Gotcha Day 5/10/18 Meet Ahimsa ~ rescued from a dairy farm hours before being sent to auction ~ she has traveled from commodity to compassion.  She will live her amazing life […]